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Hello, OMOLINK community:

We are looking for digital adventurers to help us make the next big leap. If you’re one of those who enjoy exploring new technological frontiers and have a constructive critical spirit, your moment has arrived!

What are we looking for?

  • iOS and Android users who not only use our app but know every corner of it.
  • People willing to dive into the depths of OMOLINK, testing features, looking for improvements, and spotting those little bugs that might have slipped through.

What do you gain?

  • Be the first to experience the new features and improvements of the app.
  • A unique opportunity to directly influence the product development with your opinions and suggestions.
  • Recognition within our community for your contribution.

How to participate?

Participating is easy, and we are excited to have your support to improve OMOLINK! The first step for all users, both Android and iOS, is to join our group of testers. Here we will tell you how to proceed according to your device:

Join the “Testers Omolink” group using this link: https://groups.google.com/g/testers-omolink. It’s essential that you subscribe to this group, as here you will receive all the necessary instructions and specific links to access the beta versions of our app.

After joining the group, you will find direct links to install the beta version of OMOLINK. Choose the link that corresponds to your platform:

  • Android: Follow the specific instructions for Android users.
  • iOS (iPhone): Use the provided link for iOS users through TestFlight and follow the instructions to install.

We look forward to your active participation and valuable feedback! Together, we can take OMOLINK to new heights. 馃寛

How to complete the testing process

Your participation is vital to us, and completing the testing cycle with your feedback is a crucial step. At the end of your testing phase, it is essential that you share your comments, suggestions, and any assistance you may have needed. This not only helps us improve but ensures that your experience and that of all users is the best possible in the future.

To share your experience in detail and correctly complete the testing process, it is necessary that you share with us your comments on https://www.omolink.com/contact/testers.

Remember, your opinion is key to the continuous success of OMOLINK, and we greatly value your time and effort dedicated to this project.

By Omolink