If you want to meet someone right now, it is very easy with the “I’m looking for a date now” function.

Where can I find this function?

Go to the “profiles” and click on the icon with the shape of a flame that you will find at the top. Once you have clicked on it, you should know that all the profiles you will find in the gallery are users who are actually in front of your screen looking to meet NOW. If you also want to tell them that you are available to meet, just click on the “20 more minutes” button below and you will appear directly in the gallery.

One thing you should keep in mind is that every 20 minutes you have to click on this button again, otherwise you will no longer be online here.

This feature is free and available on MachoBB.com, Trans4men.com, Bakala.org, KinkySafe.com, BearXL.com y GayZinLove.com

Try it out.


By Omolink

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