Lightning messages are a very handy feature that allows you to have one or more messages written in advance (and saved) and send them to a user at any time.

How does it work?

In all profiles, when you click on messages and the lightning button, a window opens inviting you to write (and save) one or more messages. In the message, apart from the text, you can also attach one or more photos and/or one or more photos and the option to open the private album. Once saved (or saved) they are ready to use.

When you want to greet one or more users, just click on the lightning button and the message or messages you have previously configured will appear. Click on the ones you want to send and they will all be sent at once.

Remember that spamming is not allowed in any of the Omolink apps. Using this feature for spamming will result in penalties.

This feature is reserved for Premium users.

This feature is available on:,,,, y


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