illustration of an endearing cartoon pig character for the 'recommended profile' feature of a gay dating app. the pig, showcasing a friendly and trust

Trust is the cornerstone of any dating app, and OMOLINK is raising the bar with the introduction of “Recommended Profile”. This feature is not only a powerful tool in combating the prevalence of fake profiles but also serves to strengthen the community within the app.

Combat Fake Profiles and Foster Community

With “Recommended Profile”, users can:

  1. Endorse Authentic Profiles: By recommending profiles of real and trustworthy users, you directly contribute to a safer and more authentic community.
  2. Promote a Positive Environment: This function encourages users to be active in creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere on OMOLINK.
  3. Ensure Genuine Connections: By highlighting recommended profiles, users can navigate with confidence, knowing they are interacting with community-endorsed and verified profiles.

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By Omolink