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We have a new feature available that you are going to love. Surely it has happened to you many times, for whatever reason, that you have had to completely delete your profile and then, over time, make a new one with the hassle that this entails: reopen it, new passwords, enter information, upload photos, wait for the photos to be validated, a horror, well, it’s a horror.

Now we offer you the possibility to deactivate your profile, but without unsubscribing. With this new feature you will disappear completely from the app where you have created your profile. And it will stay that way until you activate it again.

This function is very convenient because you lose absolutely nothing. Everything will be there when you reactivate it: your profile data, your photos, which will already be validated, your message history, your favorites, etc…

This function is free.

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By Omolink

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